How can Fargo compete nationally to attract and retain a talented workforce?

Dear neighbors,

Many of my friends aren’t from Fargo. And though I highlight all of its many bright spots as a city to live and work in, their reasons for remaining elsewhere are often based on one thing: 

Unaffordable flight prices to and from Hector International Airport. 

I think this is an important topic to discuss because it is directly related to a question many Fargoans ask about their city, which is: 

How can Fargo compete with the national economy to attract and retain a talented workforce?

My vision to provide opportunities for people to move in all ways is not limited to getting around Fargo, but also to leaving and returning to the city by air. Right now, high ticket prices leave that out of reach for many. To those from other US cities, the few options for flights creates a perception that Fargo is difficult to access.

But we live in an incredible time! Technology has granted work-location independence to more people than ever before, and much of our economy is becoming an intellectual one. With this freedom of place, many young professionals are choosing to live in cities they love, rather than acting in the traditional way of moving wherever work is located. 

Fargo’s business culture is perfectly positioned for startups and emerging industries to call home. However, if Fargo doesn’t have competitive access, it won’t be considered a first-choice city for those who are destined to launch and grow companies. Simply put, if the city wants more people to move here, it needs to provide more flights.

The city needs to incent more airlines to fly here more often. 


The fact that we have an airport is great, but the reality is that airlines aren’t looking to expand their runways into Fargo. If Fargo is truly going to compete at the national level in business and talent, we need a strong airport. To achieve this, the city needs to incent new airlines to enter the Fargo market, a common practice for cities competing for airlines. 

After all, Fargo is a city that is a product of transportation – railroad, steamboat, interstate – we must strive to keep air transportation as current and accessible as we possibly can.

Let me know what you think – would you or your business benefit from more frequent and affordable flights?